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About Us

ARBA, NMRRC and NRRC registered Rabbitry specializing in Velvet-coated Breeds!


Our primary breed is Rex, we aim for Show quality with an emphasis on size, growth rate and of course that gorgeous fur! We do often have brood and pet quality available. We have a large variety of colors including Otters, Selfs, Red, Castor/Opal, Tri-Colors and Shaded (Seal, Sable and Californian)!

We also raise Mini Rex, we have competitive Blacks/Otters/REW/Broken varieties as well as a Tri and Red project.

And finally... Velveteen Lops! We fell in love with this breed and were finally able to find some retired show bunnies to add to our herd early 2018. 

UPDATE: We have now added a few select Argente Bruns to our rabbitry as of 2019

Rex for Every Purpose


Competitive Rex for ARBA and 4-H. We fully support youth programs and discount for 4-H and Youth!

Velveteen Lops - The perfect pet bunny breed


Velveteen Lops are known for their puppy-dog like sweet personalities. Not yet an ARBA recognized breed, they are considered still under development. They are still showable just cannot win legs yet. They have the wonderful Rex coat and English Lop body and Ears. They are a midsize rabbit at around 6 pounds.

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Carrotwood Farm and Rabbitry

Cape Coral, Florida, United States